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When you need fast, affordable AC repair services, call us to restore your comfort. Living without cool in the summer is an inconvenience for most of us; but for small children and the elderly, it can be life-threatening. Get guaranteed repairs for your home or building, and service at a great price.

Quality Residential AC Repair in Knoxville

Most folks take their air conditioners for granted. On the hottest days, we crank it up full blast to cool down our homes and offices. But if the unit hasn't been properly maintained, this can easily cause issues with the performance. Our residential AC repair company is available for prompt service to get your home cool fast. Our focus isn't just getting you back on track quickly; it's our goal to provide you with high quality AC services to prevent problems from coming back.

An HVAC unit is a complex piece of equipment, so there are many things that can go wrong. With our factory training and years of experience, we can troubleshoot and do affordable AC repair fast. Not every system is the same. There are room units, ductless cooling and central air conditioning systems that all function differently.

We are a residential and commercial AC repair company and work on all major brands. We offer affordable AC maintenance plans that keep everything in great working order.

What We Might Find
While no two systems are exactly the same, there are a few local AC repair services we perform again and again. Any machine has parts inside that wear down after years of use. When not being properly maintained, they can break down even faster. There are common HVAC issues that require the expertise of a home or commercial AC repair contractor.

Faulty wiring - If your unit unexpectedly loses power or starts tripping the circuit breaker, wiring issues could be to blame. They can arise from bad original installation, a bad product, or age.

Outside fan - Does your house feel like it never gets cool enough? This component moves hot air from the inside to the outdoors. Prevent overheating and system damage with fast home AC repair.

Low refrigerant - Just like in your car, you have a refrigerant liquid that cools the air. If the levels are low, it could indicate a leak.

Frozen inside coil - When a coil becomes frozen, it could mean something as simple as a dirty air filter that needs to be changed or low refrigerant. It could also mean blockages in your ducts.

Thermostat - Our experienced home AC repair company will check it to make sure electrical connections are intact. This operates on a battery, and it may just need changing. We'll tell you for sure.

Air Conditioning Repair Knoxville

An air conditioner that isn't working properly can have far-ranging consequences for your property. Comfortable temperatures are important, of course. But your unit also removes humidity. If you don't remove moisture you could face damage to building materials. And you could easily create an environment for mold to grow. Without proper residential AC services, you are looking at fungal growth on your walls, furniture and all the things you store in the attic.

Commercial AC repair is also vital to protecting your important documents and furnishings from mold and mildew. Some equipment needs to be kept at a low humidity level, too. Call us for service and maintenance of your HVAC.

Our family-owned AC services is fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. We provide free estimates, competitive prices, and guaranteed AC repair in Knoxville, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and all nearby areas. Check us out on Angie's List.

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